Shitters Full: 5 Crazy Holiday Mishaps

The holiday season, a time festooned with twinkling lights and good cheer, often holds an unseen guest lurking in the shadows: the impending doom of a disaster just waiting to spill over. For many, the line “Shitters full” has become more than just an iconic cinematic outburst; it’s a harbinger of the chaos that can ensue when merriment meets malfunction. So grab a cup of eggnog, and let’s take a jolly romp through five true-life tales of holiday mishaps that might just make Clark Griswold’s experiences seem like child’s play.

The Infamous “Shitters Full” Scenario: A Cult Classic Holiday Catastrophe

The Origins of “Shitters Full” in Holiday Lore

Every fan of “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” waits with bated breath for Cousin Eddie—played with gusto by Randy Quaid—to proclaim the infamous “Shitters full” as he dumps RV waste into the suburban sewer. The scene is seared into our holiday movie repertoire, etching a place in the annals of Christmas comedy. But why? Perhaps because it’s the epitome of holiday plans gone awry, a reminder that no matter our festive aspirations, a disaster could be lurking just beneath our feet—or our RV.

The cultural impact is palpable, as “shitters full” has morphed into a catchphrase for any holiday disaster. It’s a signal of camaraderie among those who have faced—and survived—the onslaught of seasonal setbacks.

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Real-Life Holiday Mishap #1: The Thanksgiving Septic Tank Surprise

Last Thanksgiving, the Benson family of San Diego experienced their own “shitters full” moment, reminiscent of Hilary from our San Diego community’s yesteryear trials (link: San Diego Hilary). The Bensons’ holiday cheer quickly plummeted when their septic system, long overdue for a pump-out, surrendered to the demands of 20 feasting guests. It wasn’t just the turkey that was stuffed; their yard became a foul-smelling reminder of the perils of neglecting routine maintenance.

Amidst groans of protest as the backyard transformed into a waste warzone, the lesson was clear: a septic system’s capacity can be more delicate than our holiday spirits.

Reference Description Relevant Information & Context Date Mentioned
“shitter’s full” Iconic quote by character Cousin Eddie indicating his RV’s waste tank is full Demonstrates Eddie’s lack of social norms and provides comic relief
RV (Recreational Vehicle) Vehicle used by Cousin Eddie and his family during their stay at the Griswold’s Eddie borrowed it from a friend, representing his transient lifestyle Oct 30, 2023
Clark’s wild-eyed rant Clark Griswold’s intense holiday stress causes him to have a breakdown Expresses Clark’s extreme desire for a perfect family Christmas Oct 30, 2023
Snots Cousin Eddie’s dog with a sinus condition Adds to the comedic chaos of the Griswold family Christmas experience Oct 30, 2023
“Rubber Sheets and Gerbils” A quote that hints at the unexpected, possibly unpleasant, surprises that come with hosting Eddie Illustrates the outrageous and unpredictable nature of the character Eddie Dec 8, 2023

“Shitters Full” Takes to the Skies: Aerial Anecdotes from the Holidays

Up in the air, holiday commotion isn’t confined to the ground. Flight attendants recall times when the lavatories on board reached their limits during peak travel season. As families pack into metal birds, heading for destinations decked with holly, the high-altitude “shitters full” scenario unfolds with alarming regularity.

One holiday flight turned into a stomach-churning nightmare when all the bathrooms backed up—leaving passengers and crew in a bind and airlines in damage control mode. These tales are a potent reminder that holiday chaos knows no bounds, be it on land or 10,000 feet up in the sky.

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The Christmas Lights that Laid Waste to the Waste System

In the spirit of Clark Griswold, Mr. Jenkins took holiday decorating to the next level. His home blazed bright enough to warrant a feature on local news. However, his quest for luminary fame resulted in more than applause. A massive power surge, provoked by his extravagant display, knocked out not only his home’s electrical systems but also his delicate septic operations.

It was a harsh lesson that sometimes our desires to shine the brightest can lead to a plunge into darkness—and into an unfortunate “shitters full” holiday memory.

New Year’s Eve Block Party Goes Down the Drain

Imagine the biggest New Year’s Eve celebration on the block. This past year, the Maple Street residents did just that—only to find themselves in a collective “shitters full” catastrophe come midnight. As Auld Lang Syne rang out, a deluge from overflowing plumbing systems underlined the essence of communal responsibility.

The aftermath was not only a testament to the capabilities of neighborhood unity but also a stark reminder that with great celebration comes even greater preparation—lest the party spirit be washed away in unfortunate tides.

“Shitters Full” on the Open Sea: Cruise Ship Holiday Horrors

Holiday cruises promise paradise on the waves, yet for some, they deliver an unwelcome “shitters full” scenario. Holidaymakers aboard the SS Jubilee will recall the Christmas voyage where the plumbing system faltered, and corridors transformed into rivers of the untold.

Cruise ships face a Herculean task in dealing with waste management, a task magnified when the holiday passenger count hits its peak. These seafaring anecdotes serve as a sticky reminder of the not-so-glamorous side of holiday escapades.

Preventing Your Own “Shitters Full” Moment: Tips from the Experts

Plumbers and septic system experts offer these nuggets of wisdom to ensure a disaster-free holiday:

  • Maintenance is Key: Regular checks can prevent an overflow of troubles.
  • Know Your Limits: Just as with belt notches, your plumbing has its capacity—respect it.
  • Plan Ahead: If you’re throwing a bash to end all bashes, rent additional facilities to ease the load.
  • Taking these proactive steps can keep the festivities flowing as smoothly as Jones Road Miracle Balm on the skin (link: jones road miracle balm).

    When the Stars Get Plugged Up: Celebrity Holiday Plumbing Disasters

    Celebrities, they’re just like us when it comes to plumbing predicaments. Take, for example, the year a well-known Hollywood icon had to call in an emergency plumber to tackle a “shitters full” scenario in their multi-million-dollar mansion right before their holiday gala. Turns out, fame and fortune offer no immunity to the whims of wayward waste.

    The Cost of a “Shitters Full” Holiday Mishap: Economic Impact Analysis

    The toll of a “shitters full” disaster strikes more than just our nostrils; it hits wallets hard. Emergency repairs during the holiday season can come with a surcharge, and the costs of cleanup can spiral faster than a flush. Household budgets and businesses alike feel the pinch when plumbing goes south during the most wonderful time of the year.

    Conclusion: Flushing Away the Holiday Havoc

    As we wrap up our foray into the fragrant fables of holiday mishaps, let’s not forget the central thread of these stories: preparedness can mean the difference between a season of joy and a season of “shitters full”. While we can chuckle at these tales with the distance of time (or page), let’s heed their warnings. Clark Griswold’s “hap-hap-happiest Christmas” vision is within reach, provided we remember the rubber sheets and keep an eye on our pipes.

    So, dear readers, as you string your lights and carve your turkeys, give a thought to the humble plumbing that underpins your festivities. And should you have a crazy holiday mishap story of your own to share, our comments are open and waiting. After all, a shared laugh is the best holiday gift—and isn’t that what cousin Eddie would want?

    Shitters Full: Hilariously Unplanned Holiday Blunders

    Ah, the holidays—a time for joy, family, and the occasional “shitters full” moment that makes you wish you had just stayed in bed. We’ve all been there, and trust me, these wild stories will make your mishaps look like child’s play.

    “A Feast to Forget”

    Picture this: You’re at the dinner table, the turkey’s steaming, and your uncle starts his infamous monologue. Suddenly, the septic tank backs up, and “shitters full” isn’t just a line from a classic holiday movie—it’s your living nightmare. Such is the fate that befell the Stephensons last Thanksgiving, which promptly turned their feast into an unforgettable disaster. ‘Cause let’s face it, when it’s a toss-up between shannon Sharpe skip Bayless undisputed debates and a sewage fiasco, you’d prefer the hot takes over the hot mess any day.

    “The Gift That Kept on Giving”

    You know the drill: everyone’s exchanging presents, paper’s flying, and there’s joy all around. The Johnsons, however, had a “shitters full” surprise when their brand new Enfamil Neuropro gifted to their bundle of joy turned out to be an explosive catastrophe of the diaper variety. Talk about a moment when the stuff hits the fan—literally. You just can never predict when a little one’s bottom will upstage the best-laid plans.

    “Lights Out, Pipes Burst”

    The holidays aren’t complete without a light display that’ll have the whole neighborhood gawking. But just as the Garcias flipped the switch on their winter wonderland, the water pressure was having a show of its own. A burst pipe leading to “shitters full” may have stolen the spotlight, but hey, at least the synchronized light show wasn’t totally in the dark! Remember, folks, sometimes it’s not what’s sparkling above but what’s lurking below that’ll hook the audience better than a Lou diamond Phillips star performance.

    “A Furry Fiasco”

    Let’s set the scene: You’re cozily snuggled by the fire, and all is calm until Scruffy decides to investigate the suspiciously Skinwalker dog shaped ornament. One thing led to another, and that mysterious ornament led to the “shitters full” saga of the year. Rover’s rambunctious romp turned into an all-out plumbing crisis quicker than you can say “merry mishap. Remember, keep your pets and your ornaments in separate corners, or you’re gonna have a story for the ages.

    “New Year’s Eve Blowout”

    Last but not least, we’ve got the “shitters full” episode that really rang in the new year with a bang. The Hendersons’ cozy studio apartment For rent became the unexpected hotspot when their overenthusiastic “countdown” was met with a bathroom apocalypse. I’m telling you, when that ball dropped, so did everyone’s jaws—and not in a good way. Lesson learned: sometimes less is more, and maybe a studio get-together should, you know, keep the guest list small.

    These holiday seasons have shown that when it comes to “shitters full,” you’ve got to prepare for anything and everything because, just like those Shemale tube socks you got from Aunt Edna last year, some surprises just can’t be unseen. So, as you deck the halls and jingle those bells, keep an eye out for the next “shitters full” saga. It’s the most wonderful time for a little chaos, after all!

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    What does Cousin Eddie say about his RV?

    Oh, Cousin Eddie’s take on his RV? Classic Eddie! He proudly proclaims, “It’s a good-looking vehicle, ain’t it?” Talk about loving a lemon!

    What is the famous line from Christmas Vacation?

    Hold onto your hats, folks, ’cause the famous line from “Christmas Vacation” is none other than the out-of-luck dad Clark Griswold’s frantic wish: “I want to have a hap-hap-happy Christmas.”

    What does Cousin Eddie say about snots?

    When it comes to Snots, Eddie’s as candid as it gets! He quips, “He’s got a little Mississippi leg hound in him,” referring to his overly affectionate dog. Poor Snots, he can’t help himself!

    What does Cousin Eddie say about rubber sheets?

    Rubber sheets? Oh, Eddie’s got a zinger for that! He lets slip, “I got the rubber sheets and gerbils all ready.” Ah, too much information, Eddie, but that’s just his style!

    What was Cousin Eddie’s famous line?

    Eddie’s claim to fame? Can’t forget this one: “Sh*tter was full!” Talk about a holiday memory!

    Where is Cousin Eddie’s RV now?

    Where’s that notorious RV now, you wonder? Well, strap in—rumor has it, the actual prop is parked at Castle Noel, a Christmas museum in Ohio. Road trip, anyone?

    What does Rusty say in Christmas Vacation?

    Rusty’s got his moments, too, in “Christmas Vacation.” At one point, he deadpans, “Dad, didn’t they invent Christmas tree lots so people wouldn’t have to drive all the way out to nowhere and waste a whole Saturday?” Ah, the sarcasm!

    What does don’t hog the nog mean?

    “Don’t hog the nog!” Basically, it means don’t be a scrooge with the eggnog—give everyone a fair shake at that creamy holiday goodness. Share the cheer, buddy!

    What is Griswold’s first name?

    Clark, oh good ol’ Clark Griswold, that’s the lug’s first name—our frustrated hero striving for the perfect family Christmas.

    What does Mr Shirley call Clark?

    Now, Mr. Shirley, that’s Clark’s boss—pretty sure he never gets Clark’s name right, calling him “Greaseball” once. Talk about adding insult to injury!

    Is Cousin Eddie related to Clark or his wife?

    As for Cousin Eddie, yep, he’s related to Clark’s wife, making those Griswold gatherings extra spicy!

    Where did don’t hog the nog come from?

    The phrase “don’t hog the nog” is one of those catchphrases that just stuck around after the movie hit the airwaves. It’s “Christmas Vacation” gold!

    What is Uncle Eddie’s name?

    Uncle Eddie? Well, that’s a mix-up—he’s actually Cousin Eddie, but with his antics, sure feels like everyone’s uncle sometimes.

    What is Cousin Eddie’s last name?

    Eddie’s last name? That’s Johnson. Cousin Eddie Johnson, as unforgettable as they come.

    Why is the carpet all wet?

    “Why is the carpet all wet?” I dunno, Margo! Talk about the perfect sarcastic comeback to a Christmas decoration disaster!

    What was the name of Cousin Eddie’s RV?

    Cousin Eddie’s RV, that iconic monstrosity, is affectionately referred to as “The Tenement on Wheels.” Only Eddie could love a clunker like that.

    What was Clark Griswold’s quote?

    Clark Griswold’s famous for his rants, but it’s his heartfelt, “We’re all in this together” that sticks with ya—showing his bumbling, golden heart.

    What is the fun old fashioned family Christmas quote?

    The “fun old-fashioned family Christmas” quote? That’s Clark’s pipe dream, saying, “We’re gonna have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas.” If only, Clark, if only.

    Did the Cousin Eddie display lead to police response?

    Did Cousin Eddie’s display lead to police response? Well, it sure did—in real life! A Texas family’s over-the-top replica made neighbors think a man was really stuck on the roof. Talk about life imitating art!


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