Top 10 Cat Cartoons: The Shockingly Entertaining List!

Our screen-obsessed generation has grown up watching a variety of cartoons. But few have held our fascination as much as these animated felines. Yes, we’re talking about cat cartoons. Often mischievous and always entertaining, these characters have captured our hearts, becoming iconic figures in the animation world. Whether it’s the electric blue futuristic feline, Doraemon, or the cunning Tom from Tom and Jerry, cat cartoons have reigned supreme in the industry. So sit back, grab your popcorn, because here are the top 10 cat cartoons that have not just entertained us, but have etched their place in the history of animated cinema.

1. Doraemon – The Blue Robot Cat from The Future**

No cat cartoon list would be complete without mentioning the Japanese phenomenon, Doraemon. Unlike the typical ‘baby blue’ colored characters, this cat is an appealing futuristic bot. His unique appearance isn’t the only thing to love, it’s also his heart of gold, paired with a literal pocketful of high-tech gadgets from the 22nd century. Doraemon is perfect for kids who fantasize about a future where pets are much more than cuddly companions; they’re tiny superheroes that rescue their owners from imminent doom!

2. Tom – The Silent Pursuer from Tom and Jerry**

Seemingly the bully to Jerry’s vulnerable mouse, Tom, like the quintessential 'american bully', might be a tough cat on the outside but that’s just a façade. Our beloved Tom is a compelling character who has dedicated his entire life to catching a singular mouse. His fervor would have impressed the warriors from Kattegat, steadfast and determined as they were in their pursuits. Despite being continuously outwitted by Jerry, Tom never backs down, reminding us the resilience, the tenacity in the light of recurring failure – it’s a lesson subtly woven in a child’s cartoon.


3. Cartoon Cat – The Unsettling Enigma from Trevor Henderson

Cartoon Cat, created by Canadian horror artist, Trevor Henderson, showcases the darker, unnerving side of cat cartoons. As a protagonist, he’s an urban legend that contains intrigue much like a cryptic ‘skinwalker’. He resembles a 1930s era cartoon cat, thus his name. Disturbing yet captivating, this is a cat cartoon that breaks the mold and is not for the faint-hearted.

4. Garfield – The Indolent Orange Tabby

No list would be complete without the mention of this lasagne-loving, Monday-loathing, irreverent orange tabby. Garfield is the king of satire, a reminder of the lazy ‘fat people’ part within all of us that simply wants to eat and sleep all day. His cynicism and humor have entertained generations, making him the epitome of timeless charm.

5. The Pink Panther – The Suave, Silent Type

Debonair and silent, the smoothly animated Pink Panther has been a charm since its creation. With its catchy theme tune and confidently cool main character, the show was a hit. The Pink Panther, despite looking more like a lavender-colored creature, is nothing short of fascinating.

6. Simba and the Pride of Lion King

Yes, Simba is not technically a “cat cartoon” in the literal sense as he hails from the silver screen, but he’s a cat at heart that we all love. ‘Reyes Magos’ might gift their children with toys, but Disney gifted us Simba – a character symbolic of growth, responsibility, and leadership.


7. Puss in Boots – The Charming Bandit

A ‘Chandler Riggs’ might have graced us with his charm on Riverdale, but Puss in Boots, with his adorable eyes and Spanish accent, has us all head over heels.

8. Snowball – The Star of Secret Life of Pets

Although named 'snow cat', Snowball from Secret Life of Pets is a lovable bunny who often steals the show with his wit, speed, and unpredictable personality.

9. Heathcliff – The Brawler of the Neighborhood

Heathcliff is one cat who knows how to throw a punch. He’s like a cat version of a dragon slayer with a tattoo, defending his neighborhood from anyone who dares to cross them.


10. Sylvester – The Cat who Never Gives up

Sylvester’s hopeless pursuit of Tweety has made many childhoods memorable. His adventures, mishaps, and his never-give-up attitude deeply embedded in our hearts making him one of the most beloved cartoon cats.


These are our top picks for the most unforgettable cat cartoons or family guy cartoons. They’ve not only entertained generations but have also taught valuable lessons about friendship, resilience, and bravery wrapped in humor and endearing storylines.

Happy viewing!


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