How Old Is Robert De Niro At 80 With 7 Kids

Celebrating 80 Years: How Old Is Robert De Niro Today?

In the grand cinematic ballet where legends pirouette into history, Robert De Niro remains a principal dancer. In 2024, with all eyes on the man, the spotlight gets brighter: how old is Robert De Niro? Eighty years of age, yet the verve of youth spills from his enduring presence on screen and off. From the mean streets of New York where he cut his teeth, right up to his most recent endeavor “Killers of the Flower Moon,” he’s more than an actor; he’s a force, proving that age is merely a number for the titans of Tinseltown.

As the storied hands of the clock have told their tale, De Niro has crafted a mosaic of character portraits so rich, they have become part of our own fabric. Isn’t it fascinating that even at 80, De Niro walks the tightrope of the industry with the agility of a rookie and the wisdom of a sage? We’ll take you on a journey, not just through his years, but within the layers of a man whose craft is an echo of his soul.

Robert De Niro’s Legacy and Net Worth

To pontificate on Robert De Niro’s net worth is to delve into a treasure trove of cinematic gems. However, the sparkle doesn’t stop at the silver screen. De Niro, that wily architect, has built an empire underpinned by ventures in real estate, the zest of culinary adventures in his restaurants, and the clout of production companies. To measure this man’s worth, you must consider the intangible, the allure of his cultural impact, his hand generous with philanthropy, and his omnipresent influence across his diverse ventures. His thumbprint is everywhere, deeply pressed into the clay of movie magic and architectural marvels that stretch beyond the horizon.

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**Factual Information** **Details**
Age of Robert De Niro (as of Jan 19, 2024) 80 years old
Date of Birth August 17, 1943
Number of Children Seven
Children’s Names and Ages (as of May 23, 2023) Drena (51), Raphael (46), Julian (27), Aaron (27), Elliot (24), Helen Grace (11), Gia Virginia Chen (newborn)
Latest Child Daughter named Gia Virginia Chen De Niro
Date of Birth of Youngest Child April 6, 2023
First Appearance of Youngest Child Revealed on CBS Mornings in May 2023
Marital Status Divorced; Married twice
First Marriage Diahnne Abbott (1976-1988)
Second Marriage Grace Hightower (1997-2018)
Detailed Parental History Shares daughter Drena and son Raphael with first wife Diahnne Abbott.
Shares Elliot and Helen Grace with second wife Grace Hightower.
Twins Julian and Aaron, and daughter Gia Virginia Chen with Tiffany Chen.
Oscar Wins Two-time Oscar winner
Notable Recent Work “Killers of the Flower Moon” star
Comments on Fatherhood (Feb 8, 2024) Spoke of the “joy” of new fatherhood and described newborn Gia as “such an adorable baby. So sweet.”
Partner (as of 2024) Girlfriend Tiffany Chen
Professional Devotion Known for being true to his craft for every character he plays

Robert De Niro Children: The Blend of a Family

Talking about Robert De Niro children is akin to exploring an anthology of individual tales, woven together by their patriarch’s unique fabric. With seven children – a cabal of personalities and ambitions – De Niro serves not just as a patriarch, but as a lighthouse guiding through the fogs of fame. His children, aged from fledgling Gia, welcomed into the world when De Niro was 79, to his eldest Drena, have crafted their paths under their father’s watchful gaze. From their endeavors in film and philanthropy to the arts, each De Niro progeny bears the hallmark of their lineage, yet the freedom of their own script.

The Roles That Define Him: A Career Retrospective at 80

When you whisper the roles – Travis Bickle, Jake LaMotta, Vito Corleone – a reverie of celluloid ghosts all murmur, “De Niro.” In a career retrospective at 80, these names are not just characters; they’re altars to the craft. With a dossier that reads like a film textbook – “Taxi Driver,” “Raging Bull,” “The Godfather Part II” – we’d be remiss not to acknowledge how his roles have become case studies in excellence, still casting towering shadows over modern cinema and agitating the minds of those who watch “Little Women 2019” for class and come away craving the grit of a De Niro classic.

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De Niro’s Influence on the Film Industry: Then and Now

Picture the De Niro influence rippling across time – from method acting’s daunting depths to his foray into roles as diverse as the human condition itself. The man has been a titanic presence, reshaping acting and emboldening daring narrative risks like those seen in American Horror story season 11 His investment in nurturing new talent echoes the precious, deliberate nature of his acting philosophy: patience, immersion, and transformation. Indeed, De Niro is to film what calloused hands are to the artisan—an emblem of hard work and the promise of a legacy enduring.

Behind the Scenes: De Niro’s Off-Screen Endeavors

You know the line, “Talkin’ to me?” But, are you aware of De Niro’s dialogue with the world beyond the camera’s gaze? He’s a producer, sure, but also an activist whose heart beats loud for social justice. Not to mention the cultural footprint of the Tribeca Film Festival—an enterprise that redefined the post-9/11 narrative to one of celebration and resilience in art. De Niro’s off-screen choreography doesn’t solely spin around the profits of a shrewd business deal; it waltzes with purpose and partners with progress.

Preparing for the Future: What’s Next for De Niro?

You’d think at 80, one might yearn for a curtain call, but De Niro is far from taking his final bow. What’s next for this juggernaut of a man? Well, there’s the scent of upcoming projects on the horizon. The whispers of a director’s chair beckoning once more. And of course, a burning curiosity for the future of Hollywood—a landscape metamorphosing before our very eyes, yet one that will forever house the essence of De Niro. This visionary continues to sculpt his legacy, ensuring that “how old is Robert De Niro” is a question that carries weight, but never burdens the unstoppable spirit of his voyage.


So, as the poetry of life brings Robert De Niro to the crest of 80 years, let’s salute the fact that his craft, his family, his ventures, and his character exist beyond the confines of time. His children, from his first moments with Drena to the new joys of fatherhood with baby Gia, are testament to the man’s layers. Peek behind the accolades and the Robert De Niro net worth, and you find a multifaceted individual—an omnipresent force in an ever-evolving industry.

To chart the course of De Niro’s journey is to trace the arc of cinema itself. And the beauty of it? Well, the script continues to write itself, as De Niro—the actor, the father, the legend—dances on into the next decade, shaping his narrative, our culture, and the enduring love affair we have with film.

Now, reader, I leave you here, somewhere within De Niro’s myriad tales, between Nicki Minaj’s sexy appeal and Margot Robbie’s height, between modern takes like “American Horror Story” and timeless classics he’s bestowed upon us. So, “How old is Robert De Niro?” you ask. Ageless, dear reader. Simply ageless.

How Old Is Robert De Niro Anyway?

When you think of Hollywood giants, one name that’s sure to pop up is Robert De Niro. Now, you might be scratching your head, thinking, “Just how old is Robert De Niro with all his accolades and life experience?” Well, hold on to your hats, folks – the man’s hit the big 8-0, and he’s still going strong!

The Ageless Wonder of Tinseltown

So, picture this, Robert De Niro, a powerhouse of the silver screen, is as ageless as Margot Robbie’s poise – and speaking of poise, you might want to glance at Margot Robbie’s height to appreciate how De Niro stands tall among the stars.

But back to De Niro – this man’s been around the block, across the years, with no fake news of his exit from the living like those Is Justin bieber dead? rumors. Nope, De Niro’s as alive as Nicki Minaj’s unapologetic performances (ahem, speaking of which, have you seen how Nicki Minaj sexy shoots define confidence?).

A Family Guy at Heart

You might be thinking, “Sure, he’s a Hollywood legend, but what’s his personal life like?” Well, you guessed it – Robert De Niro’s a family man with a big heart and an even bigger brood. With 7 kids lighting up his life, the man’s got his own ensemble cast at home! And while we’re talking about families, if you’re curious about the warmth of family storytelling, why not watch Little Women 2019? It’ll warm your heart as much as De Niro’s family tales.

Laying Down the Law, De Niro Style

What’s De Niro got in common with zoning laws, you ask? Simple. Just like What Is zoning breaks down areas for different uses, De Niro has zoned his life into a brilliant career and a bustling home life. And, oh boy, does he build a legacy that towers over both.

Now, we can’t chat about De Niro without a nod to his pals in high places. Rumor has it he’s hobnobbed with celebs of the ilk of Irina Shayk and Tom Brady – talk about a team-up that could rival any fantasy draft!

The Legacy & Laughter

And while we’re peeking into legacies, have you heard of Ila Kreischer? She’s one of those bright sparks in the comedy scene – a field De Niro himself has tickled pink with his impeccable comic timing in numerous roles. From Ilas to De Niros, laughter is a timeless treasure, ain’t it?

So, there you have it. Robert De Niro might be hitting the big 8-0, but in the game of life, this fellow’s scoring way beyond the numbers. Whether he’s setting the screen ablaze or chasing after 7 bundles of joy at home, De Niro’s days are chock-full of vim and vigor. After all, age is but a number, and when you’ve got the zest for life that De Niro has, who’s counting anyway?

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How many biological children does Robert De Niro have?

How many biological children does Robert De Niro have?
Well, talk about a full house! The legendary Robert De Niro, a father figure both on-screen and off, has a grand total of seven biological kids. From his oldest to the littlest addition, his life seems as action-packed at home as it is on the silver screen.

Did Robert De Niro have a baby?

Did Robert De Niro have a baby?
You bet he did! Robert De Niro, shaking things up as always, welcomed a bundle of joy into the world at 79. His seventh kiddo, Gia, turned the De Niro clan into an even luckier seven.

How many times did Robert De Niro marry?

How many times did Robert De Niro marry?
Twice charmed! De Niro’s walked down the aisle twice, first with Diahnne Abbott, and then with Grace Hightower. Seems like he’s got as much experience with “I do’s” as he does with film roles!

Which 80-year-old actor has a baby?

Which 80-year-old actor has a baby?
He’s still got it! Robert De Niro, the 80-year-old silver screen icon, just added “new dad” to his long list of accolades with the arrival of his sweet little daughter, Gia.

How old was De Niro when he had his last child?

How old was De Niro when he had his last child?
Hold your horses—Robert De Niro was 79 when his youngest, Gia, made her grand entrance. Talk about an encore performance!

Is Robert De Niro’s children biracial?

Is Robert De Niro’s children biracial?
Yep, some of De Niro’s brood are biracial, thanks to his marriages to Diahnne Abbott and Grace Hightower. His family’s like a beautiful mosaic of diverse heritage.

What celebrity had a baby at 70?

What celebrity had a baby at 70?
That’d be Robert De Niro, not slowing down a bit, who at the ripe young age of 70 (well, 79 to be precise), welcomed another child. Who says you can’t mix diapers with dentures?

Can you have a baby at 65?

Can you have a baby at 65?
Hey, age is just a number, right? While having a baby at 65 isn’t common, it’s a possibility, especially with advancements in medicine and fertility treatments. But always best to talk to the docs first!

How old was Al Pacino when he had his last child?

How old was Al Pacino when he had his last child?
Al Pacino, the acting powerhouse, was a sprightly 60 when he welcomed his youngest. Not quite as late as his buddy De Niro, but hey, still impressive!

Who is Robert De Niro’s current partner?

Who is Robert De Niro’s current partner?
Robert De Niro’s heart is currently taken by Tiffany Chen, and together they’re navigating the adventures of parenting their adorable daughter, Gia.

Is Joe Pesci full Italian?

Is Joe Pesci full Italian?
As Italian as they come! Joe Pesci’s roots are firmly planted in the boot-shaped country, hailing straight from good ol’ Italia.

What ethnicity is Al Pacino?

What ethnicity is Al Pacino?
Al Pacino’s got that Italian-American charm mixed with a dash of fiery Sicilian heritage, thanks to his family tree. An ethnic cocktail, if you will!

What actress had a baby at 54?

What actress had a baby at 54?
Age-defying Brigitte Nielsen made headlines when she had a baby at 54. Looks like in Hollywood, the stork doesn’t exactly have a curfew!

What actress has a baby at 47 years old?

What actress has a baby at 47 years old?
At 47, Halle Berry surprised and inspired many when she welcomed a new life into her world. Goes to show, some things just get better with age!

What actress had a baby at 50?

What actress had a baby at 50?
The fabulous Janet Jackson said “What’s age got to do with it?” and had her first child at the golden half-century mark. Talk about a thriller of a life event!

Who is the mother of deniros new baby?

Who is the mother of DeNiro’s new baby?
It’s Tiffany Chen who’s got the honors of being the mom to DeNiro’s newest little star, Gia. They’re the latest duo taking on the parenting scene in Tinseltown!

How many biological children does Al Pacino have?

How many biological children does Al Pacino have?
Numero tre! Al Pacino may play a tough guy on screen, but he’s a doting dad to three kiddos off-screen.

Does Robert De Niro have biological kids?

Does Robert De Niro have biological kids?
Absolutely! Robert De Niro is not just a father figure in the movies; he’s the real deal with seven biological children to his name.

What celebrity has the most kids?

What celebrity has the most kids?
Eddie Murphy takes the crown in Tinseltown, with his family tally hitting the double digits at ten! Now that’s a cast all by itself!


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