Best Cheap Trick Songs: Top 5 Hits Revealed

In the land of rock ‘n’ roll, certain bands strike a chord that resonates through the ages, their tunes becoming the anthems of rebellious youth, the lullabies of the disenchanted, and the revelry of music lovers. Within this hallowed hall of thunderous guitars and poignant lyrics, Cheap Trick sits comfortably among the legends. Today, let’s crack open the vinyl vault and spin the tales of the best Cheap Trick songs, counting down the top five hits that define their legacy—songs that have woven themselves into the fabric of rock history.

Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick


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The Legacy of Cheap Trick Songs in Rock History

It’s a curious alchemy that makes a rock band legendary—part raw talent, part relentless drive, and a generous splash of serendipity. Cheap Trick, with their masterful blend of catchy hooks, sly wit, and effervescent stage presence, distilled this brew to perfection. Their impact on rock and pop is undeniable, seeping into the grooves of other artists’ records and the minds of air guitarists worldwide.

Their songs have been the playbook for power-pop enthusiasts, while giving the leather-clad rockers a run for their money. And despite the changing tides of musical genres, from disco balls to flannel shirts, Cheap Trick’s anthems have remained an enduring staple in the pantheon of rock, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that their cheap trick songs aren’t just quick gimmicks—they’re pure magic.

Image 18831

Unveiling the Top 5 Cheap Trick Hits

But what makes a Cheap Trick song stand out in a discography bursting with contenders? Is it the way it burned through the charts, setting fire to assumptions about what rock should sound like? Or perhaps the lingering impact it’s had on the band’s fans, etching memories into their very synapses? We’ve scrutinized chart performance, cultural impact, and the essential ‘Je ne sais quoi’ qualities to suss out the crème de la crème from their hit-rich history.

Before we break the seal on number five, let’s whisper a mention of tunes you likely know by heart—their calls answered by raucous crowds in arenas around the globe. Now, let’s turn the volume up to eleven as we unveil the hits that have woven the very fabric of Cheap Trick’s indelible mark on rock ‘n’ roll.

Cheap Trick Music for Hangovers

Cheap Trick   Music for Hangovers


Cheap Trick’s “Music for Hangovers” is a live album that captures the essence of the band’s energetic performances during a four-night stint at The Metro in Chicago. Recorded in 1998 and released the following year, the album is a melodic journey through Cheap Trick’s most beloved hits and fan favorites, offering a vibrant and authentic live experience. With the notorious energy of Robin Zander’s vocals paired with the punchy guitar riffs from Rick Nielsen, each track resonates with the excitement of a concert environment, making it a must-have for both seasoned enthusiasts and new listeners alike.

The album’s title, “Music for Hangovers,” playfully hints at its potential as a cure for the post-party blues, with its upbeat tempo and catchy hooks guaranteed to lift spirits. The tracklist skillfully blends classics like “I Want You to Want Me” and “Surrender” with deeper cuts, providing a well-rounded representation of the band’s extensive catalog. The visceral connection between the band and their live audience is palpable, inviting home listeners to partake in the high-spirited experience as if they were in the crowd themselves.

Furthermore, “Music for Hangovers” stands as a testament to Cheap Trick’s enduring appeal and their prowess as live performers. The impeccable production quality maintains the rawness and spontaneity of the live show, whilst ensuring that every chord and chorus is delivered with crystal clear clarity. Whether you’re reliving your rock-and-roll memories or simply looking for a dose of classic power-pop to brighten your day, “Music for Hangovers” is the perfect remedy.

Title Album Release Year Genre Notable Fact
“Surrender” Heaven Tonight 1978 Rock, Power Pop One of Cheap Trick’s most famous songs, it has been covered by many artists
“I Want You to Want Me” In Color 1977 Rock, Power Pop Live version from “Cheap Trick at Budokan” became their biggest hit
“Dream Police” Dream Police 1979 Rock, Hard Rock Title track of the album, known for its catchy chorus
“The Flame” Lap of Luxury 1988 Rock, Power Ballad Their first number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100
“Voices” Dream Police 1979 Rock, Power Pop Showcased the band’s softer, more melodic side
“Tonight It’s You” Standing on the Edge 1985 Rock, Power Pop Had moderate success, remembered for its strong chorus
“If You Want My Love” One on One 1982 Rock, Power Pop Known for its Beatles-esque quality
“Ain’t That a Shame” Cheap Trick at Budokan 1979 Rock, Live Cover A live cover version of Fats Domino’s classic
“She’s Tight” One on One 1982 Rock, New Wave Music video helped gain popularity on MTV
“Can’t Stop Fallin’ into Love” Busted 1990 Rock, Power Pop Reached Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100
“Stop This Game” All Shook Up 1980 Rock, Power Pop Reflects the band’s more experimental side
“Gonna Raise Hell” Dream Police 1979 Rock, Hard Rock Notable for its lengthy runtime and heavy, intense outro

In Fifth Place: A Sleeper Hit Among Cheap Trick Songs

And speaking of sleepers, nobody could have guessed that the fifth song on our list would crawl from the sheets of obscurity to become a beloved pied piper’s call. It’s a track that broke away from expectation, a dark horse that charmed its way up the charts and into the balm of troubadours and jukebox heroes alike.

Released to modest fanfare, the song crept onto the airwaves with a melody that refused to be ignored. But what is this song’s name, you ask? Well, dear reader, the anticipation is half the fun—so you’ll just have to wait a beat longer. This track won over critics and fans with accomplished musicality and poignant lyrics that found a home in the most rebel of hearts.

Commercially, it may not have blazed as bright as some of their other hits, but this sleeper hit packs a punch that still resonates, proving that Cheap Trick songs are not a sprint but a marathon, and the finish line is nowhere in sight.

Image 18832

The Fourth Cornerstone of Cheap Trick’s Repertoire

Sliding into fourth place is a song that ricocheted around stadium walls and nestled into the cozy corners of dive bar jukeboxes. An explosion of punk energy and melodic prowess, this song embraced the eclectic DNA of Cheap Trick songs, blending it with a dose of raw adrenaline that fans couldn’t help but indulge in.

It’s a track worn at the edges, much like the vinyl it originally spun on, by the fingers of devoted listeners seeking solace or stimulation. Crafted from a whirlwind of inspiration and the band’s trademark humor, this song stood at the crossroads of a career, pointing toward paths yet to be traveled.

With a reception that kept it tethered to the turntables of diehards and the hearts of casual listeners, its continued affection underscores the unwavering presence of Cheap Trick not just in playlists, but in the very air that carries the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

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Climbing to Third: A Cheap Trick Anthem for the Ages

Bronzed in third is an anthem, as timeless as they come—roaring out of the gate and commanding attention with an infectious energy that cements it firmly as one of the pinnacle Cheap Trick songs. The era of its release was marked by synthetic pop and electric neon, but this track cut through the clamor, a clarion call to those hungering for unadulterated rock.

This song is the distilled essence of the band at its most unapologetic—a rollicking ride of distorted guitars and anthem-worthy choruses that provided a blueprint for aspiring rockers and a reaffirmation for the old guard. Bow down to the sheer bravado, surrender to the spine-tingling solos, and salute Cheap Trick for gifting the world with a song that can transform any room into a riot of euphoria.

Live, it became a ritual, a sacred moment when band and fan are united in a heady mix of sweat and reverberation—a legacy item, carried in the roulette of encores and the praising chants of the crowd.

Image 18833

The Runner-Up: A Cheap Trick Song that Nearly Topped Them All

Silver-lined and shining, the penultimate Cheap Trick song to grace our list is a masterclass in near perfection—a track that danced on the knife-edge of peak chart positions and continues to be a staple where electric guitars are worshipped.

Upon its release, this juggernaut of a song bulldozed through perceptions, its initial impact resonating through the realms of radio and adolescence alike. Musically, it was alchemical, blending influences spanning the wide chasm between punk snarl and power-pop polish. It served as a statement, a declaration of the band’s ability to defy category and transcend expectation.

The song teeters on the thrilling precipice of total domination—a tale of what-could-have-been imbued with the sweet seduction of a band at the height of their prowess, an ode to the alluring dance between artist and perfection.

The Quintessential Hit: The Number One Song in Cheap Trick’s Illustrious Catalog

Atop the mountain of Cheap Trick songs, there stands a giant—an anthem so enduring that its opening chords are enough to incite a revolution of raucous applause and throaty singalongs. A magnum opus, this song is the undisputed champion, the heavyweight belt around the waist of a band already dripping with accolades.

It’s a tune that resonates with a fervency that only truth can kindle—the reason why fans clamber for an encore as if their very lives depended on it. It’s the unmistakable rhythm that throbs in the heart of pop culture, sparking homage in films and a knowing nod across generations.

Why does it resonate so? This pinnacle of Cheap Trick songs encapsulates the roiling energy of the band, offering up an endless banquet of sticky hooks, soaring vocals, and the unrelenting stomp of drums—all elements that have continued to feed the hungry masses starving for pure, unadulterated rock.

Beyond the Hits: Hidden Gems Among Cheap Trick’s Songs

But it would be a disservice to stop at the luminaries alone, for nestled within Cheap Trick’s vast treasury are tracks that, while not basked in the spotlight of relentless radio play, are jewels of equal brilliance and technical mastery.

These less-celebrated songs are not merely footnotes in the band’s history—they are bold statements of artistic exploration and emotional depth. They remind us that Cheap Trick songs aren’t just waypoints on the journey of rock; they are the very road itself, paved with intent and bursting with stories waiting to be told.

As devotees exchange concert tales like currency, as vinyl collectors brush dust off album covers—it’s these songs, these unsung heroes, that often hold the true essence of what makes Cheap Trick not just a band but an enduring, evolving chronicle of musical ambition.

The Alchemy of Cheap Trick: How They Crafted Timeless Songs

How does a band like Cheap Trick forge songs that outlast the ephemeral fame of pop sensations? It’s more than a trick—it’s a craft honed on the anvil of creativity and sweat. The band’s songwriting prowess is a tapestry woven with threads of relatable narratives and memorable riffs, conceived in a crucible where each member’s contribution is transformed into a holistic symphony of noise and nuance.

It’s no accident that Cheap Trick songs maintain their stature in the rock ‘n’ roll landscape. Their production process—often a mystical pilgrimage between four walls of a recording studio—is where the alchemy of melody and mayhem concocts the elixir of immortality for their tracks. Their approach to hitmaking isn’t merely a pursuit; it’s a philosophy, a holy grail sought with every strum, beat, and belt.

Cheap Trick Songs: The Road Ahead for Rock’s Resilient Hitmakers

What then, does the future hold for the sons and daughter of rock who cut their teeth on Cheap Trick’s anthems? As these stalwarts of sound march through the years, their legacy casts a long shadow—one that contemporary acts must navigate with both reverence and a daring spirit of reinvention.

With an arsenal of songs that have defined eras, inspired legions, and given identity to countless memories, Cheap Trick stands not only as a beacon from rock’s golden age but a guiding light into its future—a future where chords will continue to be strummed in the key of innovation and echo with the persistence of purpose.

Conclusion: The Lasting Power of Cheap Trick’s Top 5 Hits

In the annals of rock history, pages are often filled with one-hit wonders and fleeting fancies—songs that shimmer for a moment then fade into the blur of time. But Cheap Trick songs, particularly these top five hits, have etched themselves in permanence—a rock solid testament to the enduring power of music that captures the human spirit in all its wild and wonderful forms.

As new generations venture into the sonic wilderness, may they encounter these milestones with fresh ears and open hearts, discovering what many have known all along—that Cheap Trick is more than a band. It’s a monument built of chords, choruses, and the indomitable spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

Great music, like a timeless film, grabs hold of you, transporting you to worlds unknown and emotions unfelt. And when you’re ready to take that voyage, strap in with Cheap Trick’s top hits—they’re your ticket to a ride you’ll never want to end.

Unwrapping the Magic Behind Cheap Trick Songs

Cheap Trick has rocked our worlds with their iconic tunes that stick like glue. Ever wondered which jams made it to the top of the heap? Get ready to turn the volume up as we dive into the crème de la crème of Cheap Trick songs!

“Surrender” – A Household Anthem

Well, here’s a kicker! Did you know that “Surrender,” the anthem that had kids and teens belting out in unison, is as enduring as a 34c bra? Yep, that classic holds up just as firmly today as it did in the ’70s. Talk about standing the test of time!

“I Want You to Want Me” – Live Magic

Then there’s the infectious “I Want You to Want Me.” Oh boy, the live version from the album ‘At Budokan’ just blows the roof off! It’s like if you took the energy of a kid on their fifth slice of Bluey cake and put it into a song – pure unstoppable gusto! This track’s got so much pep; it could give a pair of Reebok Club Cs( a run for their money.

“Dream Police” – No Sleeping on This Hit

Cruising down the hit parade, “Dream Police” stands out with its almost spherical in shape – a perfect blend of energy and catchy rhythm, much like how the New york Times described a certain celestial object. The song wraps around your brain like a catchy slogan, and good luck shaking it loose!

The Multilingual Appeal

Alright, folks, here’s a fun nugget. Imagine trying to sing “Dream Police” after flipping through a Polish To English dictionary. Would that not be the nuttiest karaoke night? But that’s the charm of Cheap Trick songs—they cross language barriers, uniting rockers worldwide.

“The Flame” – A Torch Song for the Ages

Now, who could forget “The Flame”? This power ballad could get Olivia Colman to shed a tear in her acceptance speech. And just like a fine wine or a classic movie, it gets better every time you give it a spin.

Cheap Trick’s Lineage Lives On

Lastly, while we’re celebrating the past, it’s pretty rad that the Cheap Trick legacy has got its own next-gen stars. Did you catch that Kevin Costner’s son, Liam Costner,( and Brendan Fraser’s son, Holden Fletcher fraser, are both carving out their paths? Yup, rock ‘n’ roll is in good hands.

So there you have it, your dose of trivia drenched in rock history goodness. These Cheap Trick songs are more than just tunes; they’re cornerstones of pop culture, etched into the hearts of all who press play. Now, don’t be shy—crank it up and let the nostalgia wash over you!

Cheap Trick At Budokan The Complete Concert

Cheap Trick At Budokan The Complete Concert


Cheap Trick at Budokan: The Complete Concert is an essential live album for both die-hard fans and newcomers to the legendary rock band Cheap Trick. Capturing the energy and charisma of the band’s 1978 performance at Tokyo’s prestigious Budokan arena, this release showcases the concert in its entirety, offering a raw and electrifying experience. The original release, titled “Cheap Trick at Budokan,” achieved massive success and helped catapult the band into international stardom, but this complete edition includes previously unreleased tracks and extended versions that were not part of the initial album.

With the expanded tracklist, listeners are treated to a more comprehensive representation of Cheap Trick’s live prowess, including the frenetic guitar work and cheeky lyrics that defined their signature sound. The production maintains the authenticity of the live show, highlighting the band’s direct connection with an enthusiastic Japanese audience who were utterly captivated by the band’s blend of hard rock and power pop sensibilities. Standout tracks include the anthemic “I Want You to Want Me,” the raucous “Surrender,” and the epic encore “Goodnight,” each invigorated by the intense crowd participation.

This complete concert edition is not only a nostalgic trip down memory lane for those who lived through Cheap Trick’s rise to fame, but it’s also a perfect gateway for new listeners to understand why the band left such an indelible mark on the rock scene. The two-disc set comes with remastered audio to ensure that every chord and chorus hits with the same impact it did decades ago. It’s a timeless testament to Cheap Trick’s live performance legacy and a must-have for those who appreciate the pure adrenaline rush of a classic rock concert.


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