Costco Employee’s 10 Crazy Secrets Behind Film Magic!

For those not in the know, the glitzy world of film may appear to be all glamour, fancy red carpets, and gleaming Oscars. But what if I told you that a Costco Employee, going about their everyday job, could reveal mind-boggling secrets about film magic? This revelation may sound as fascinating as a delay at Burbank airport or finding a hidden gem on Craigslist Ohio, but hang tight. Today, we’ll explore this unlikely vantage point together.

The Costco Employee Connection

Ever thought about the journey of watching a film from a Costco employee’s perspective? Unique! To give you a bit of context, a Costco employee typically engages with hundreds of customers a-day in places like Roosevelt Field to Kingstown, Michigan. It’s in these random interactions that they uncover surprising film trivia. Where else could you stumble upon a director purchasing bulk items for a movie set or overhear a casual conversation about a film premiere held at the local Roadhouse Cinemas?

Like in the queue at Costco, let’s dive right in.

Unusual Filming Locations

Imagine the surprise when a drool-worthy Bora Bora island getaway is actually filmed in the sandy dunes of a nearby location in Michigan. They say art is all about deception and creating illusions. For instance, the lush greenery of Bora Bora in a romantic scene is often not what it seems. Flights to the actual Bora Bora could run into the thousands of dollars, but a Costco Employee has learned the ‘movie magic’ way – renting a spot in Michigan for a few hundred bucks!


Costco – A Source of Props

Yes, we love those sleek, stylish Seiko watches parading around wrists in almost every other spy flick. However, the mind-bending truth is that many such props, ranging from watches, shoes, even car parts, are often procured from Costco. Our Costco Employee dishes that spy films often use high-end retail items that just need to “look” the part. Imagine that priceless classic Swiss timepiece actually being a budget-friendly Seiko Tank!

The Smorgasbord

Remember that abundant medieval feast in your favorite historical drama? Could we let you in on a secret? It’s sourced from Costco. Often, filmmakers want quantity but at affordable rates, particularly for large-scale period movies. Shocking? Maybe, but totally resourceful.

Celebrity Spotting Mania

Think celebrities never shop at Costco? Think again. Costco employees often casually bump into stars picking up their groceries. So yes, Chris Perfetti or even Brian Geraghty might have been spotted checking out the latest Xbox. Or perhaps gabbing about their next project in Roadhouse Cinemas over a king-size tub of popcorn. As shocking as finding a Monet on Craigslist Ohio!

Extras Galore

If you think Craigslist Ohio is the place to hunt for film extras, you’re off the mark. Costco is a goldmine, and our Costco employee validates this. To be clear, extras don’t necessarily need acting experience — remember, they’re there to make scenes look realistic. So, next time you see a crowd scene, remember that you might be looking at fellow Costco shoppers.


Surprise Sponsorships

In the realm of product placements, do not be surprised by Costco’s presence. From the local deli to groceries, you could find numerous Costco products making their way into scenes. Remember, it’s not always about fancy luxury products. Often, it’s about what’s relatable. Our Costco employee assures that relatability sells!

Recycled Sets

Yeah, recycling is essential, but we’re not talking about plastic here. Movie sets can be expensive to build, so why not reuse them? This Costco employee noted that a royal castle from a period drama might morph into an ancient university in the next feature. So the epic love declaration under the grand arch might be repurposed in a student’s graduation scene!

Off-screen Chemistry

Imagine Chris Perfetti confessing a steamy off-screen romance while in the checkout line. As unbelievable as hitting the jackpot in Vegas, right? But for our well-placed Costco employee, these disclosures are not as elusive.


The Big Screen Secret

Ever noticed how movies shot in Ohio suddenly seem to be set in Manhattan or London? Sometimes, it’s about shooting in places that look like the glamorous locales but are much cheaper. Ohio’s got a booming film industry, thanks to its cost-effective resources. Producing those big city scenes in Kingstown, Michigan, or Burbank airport just saves dollars!

Movies can be as mystifying as they’re enjoyable to watch, and having access to some lesser-known facts makes our appreciation grow. So the next time when you walk into Costco, think about the fun, captivating, and often surprising cinematic world that it inadvertently sheds light on. And, it’s all thanks to our behind-the-scenes hero – the ever so humble Costco Employee.


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