Kordell Stewart’s 5 Most Insane Game Plays

Kordell Stewart: The Definition of a Dual-Threat Quarterback

In the gridiron’s cinematic scope, where heroes and legends clash under the scrutiny of blinding lights, few shone as uniquely as Kordell Stewart. His history is akin to a finely penned script, capturing the essence of a protagonist who could only be described as a dual-threat quarterback. Best known in the NFL for his multifaceted approach to the game, Stewart earned the moniker “Slash” for his ability to seamlessly transform from one position to another – quarterback, halfback, even receiver at times. Like a Quentin Tarantino character with layers of depth, Stewart’s versatility on the field displayed his full narrative arc.

Let’s get into character and rewind the tape to Stewart’s college days, where the prologue of his legend began. His athleticism isn’t a fleeting spark, but rather a consistent flame that cut through the defenses like a sharp dialogue cuts through a silent room. Kordell Stewart, a troubadour of the field, co-hosts “No Huddle” on Tune-In with Brian Webber these days, sharing insights only an MVP like him, who played without the crown of a Super Bowl win, could provide.

Reliving Kordell Stewart’s Iconic Hail Mary Pass

Imagine it: A pristine college stadium, packed with hearts throbbing like a Hans Zimmer score, and a Hail Mary that would soon become as iconic as the blaring horns of “Inception.” That was the stage for Kordell Stewart’s magnum opus at the University of Colorado. The intricacies of that moment saw Stewart rocket the pigskin over 70 yards midair, connecting with Michael Westbrook for a touchdown that dismantled Michigan’s defense and perhaps, in that moment, the certainty of gravity itself.

Any cinephile or gridiron fan would get the chills recalling a scene so rich in drama and spectacle. It was as though the universe itself conscripted every atom to ensure the trajectory of the ball matched Stewart’s intent. His foresight on this play was not unlike a masterful director’s vision for the climax of their epic. This miracle pass foreshadowed Stewart’s NFL journey with the Pittsburgh Steelers, where his narrative would continue to intertwine with the league’s most thrilling moments.

Truth The Kordell Stewart Story

Truth The Kordell Stewart Story


“Truth The Kordell Stewart Story” is a gripping documentary film that delves into the life and career of one of the NFL’s most versatile quarterbacks of the late 1990s and early 2000s, Kordell Stewart. Known as “Slash” for his ability to play multiple positions, Stewart’s journey from the playgrounds of New Orleans to the bright lights of Heinz Field in Pittsburgh is chronicled in rich detail. The film features candid interviews with Stewart himself, as well as commentary from teammates, coaches, and sports analysts, painting a comprehensive picture of a man who forged his own path in professional football.

Capturing the ups and downs of Stewart’s on-field triumphs and personal trials, “Truth The Kordell Stewart Story” offers an intimate look at the pressures and challenges faced by an African American quarterback who arrived in the NFL when diversity at the quarterback position was an ongoing battle. The film explores Stewart’s pivotal role in reshaping the quarterback mold with his dynamic playing style, highlighting significant moments such as his famous “Immaculate Reception II” and his Pro Bowl season. It also does not shy away from the adversity and controversies that marked his career, including the harsh criticism he faced and the rumors that swirled around his private life.

Beyond the gridiron, the documentary illuminates Kordell Stewart’s legacy beyond the statistics and accolades, showcasing his impact on young athletes, his charitable endeavors, and his post-football career as a sports analyst. “Truth The Kordell Stewart Story” ultimately serves as an inspiring tale of resilience and determination, urging viewers to look beyond the sports headlines and understand the man who became a symbol of both controversy and innovation in a rapidly evolving NFL.

Aspect Details
Full Name Kordell Stewart
Nickname “Slash”
Birthdate October 16, 1972
College University of Colorado
NFL Draft 1995, Round: 2, Pick: 60 by the Pittsburgh Steelers
Position Quarterback / Wide Receiver / Running Back
Retirement 2012 (Last played in 2005)
Pro Bowl Elected in 2001
Steelers MVP 2001
Career Highlights Threw for 14 touchdowns (TDs) and ran for 5 more in his top season
Post-NFL Career Co-hosts “No Huddle” on Tune-In with Brian Webber
Notable Statistic Did not win a Super Bowl
Legacy Remembered for his versatility as an NFL player

Kordell Stewart’s Playoff Acrobatics Against the Patriots

Flash forward to the big leagues, where the steely resolve of the Pittsburgh Steelers faced the strategic cunning of the New England Patriots in a playoff showdown. Here, Kordell Stewart stood, not merely as a quarterback but as an illusionist, making Patriots vanish as he danced through the turf wiry and unpredictable.

The play in question? A clutch situation where Stewart, with his signature sorcery, delivered a performance that would’ve made Von Dutch look undeniably plain. In the ballet of helmets and jerseys, Stewart was en pointe, avoiding a sack and converting a third-down that kept the hopes alive. It spun a narrative that, though without the end credits of a Super Bowl victory, solidified Stewart as a commander of high-pressure moments.

Image 20464

Spectrum of Skills: The ‘Slash’ in Full Force Against the Ravens

Turning the page to another chapter of Stewart’s career, we witness the ‘Slash’ take form against the ferocious Baltimore Ravens. Kordell Stewart’s versatility wasn’t just an anecdote; it was an entire anthology of game-day strategy and execution. His ability to switch positions made opposing defenses scramble as if they were being directed by an unhinged, improvisational auteur. The clash was more than just a game; it was a manifesto of Stewart’s athletic creed.

In that game, he juggled identities – not unlike an actor slipping into different roles, where he thrived as a quarterback, then as a receiver, and even as a runner. It was his screenplay to write, and he penned a true masterclass, layering strategies and leaving the Ravens’ enduring defense mystified. He wove through their ranks with the slipperiness of a seasoned veteran, making plays that had fans wondering, are rice Noodles healthy? They needed something light to digest after the heavy serving of Stewart’s athletic prowess.

The Improbable Scramble: Stewart’s Dance Through the Browns’ Defense

Picture a broken play that transforms into a heroic escape. Against the Cleveland Browns, we saw just that: Stewart’s signature insane scramble. With the camera tight on the quarterback, Stewart evaded rushers with the agility of a cheetah and the grace of a dancer. His feet sketched patterns on the field while defenders grasped at the afterimages he left behind.

In what could have been a negative play, Stewart played out an entire narrative arc, from conflict to resolution, turning potential disaster into a field general’s triumph. That moment encapsulated the Stewart experience – unexpected, thrilling, and akin to a perfectly choreographed action sequence that leaves audiences breathless.

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Defying Odds and Defenses: Stewart’s Rushing Record for a Quarterback

Now, let’s take a stroll down the memory lane of records. Stuart wasn’t just a thrower; his legs were musical instruments that played a tune too swift for the chasing linemen. Stewart dashed his way into the history books with the longest quarterback run ever seen at the time, capitalizing not only on his speed but his resilience as well. Etnies might have been the preferred footwear for skateboarders chasing speed, but on that day, Stewart’s cleats were the magic shoes.

That run was like an entire movie in itself: the suspense as he took off, the conflict with each defender trying to bring him down, and the grand climax as he crossed into the end zone, leaving everyone else in his wake.

Image 20465

Conclusion: The Lasting Legacy of Kordell Stewart’s Most Insane Game Plays

The credits roll, and the lights go up. We’re left to reflect on the saga of Kordell Stewart, a compendium of moments that far eclipse the routine spectacle of NFL gameplay. Stewart was not defined by a single role, a sole archetype, or even by the bittersweet truth of never hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. His remarkable performances have instead sculpted a legacy of unbridled athleticism and creativity.

In our mind’s eye, Stewart’s top plays roll like a highlight reel, each akin to chapters of an expertly crafted film, leaving an indelible mark on the lore of the sport. As the future Imagine Dragons of football strive towards greatness, they play under the shadow of giants like Stewart, whose immense contribution to the quarterback position is a story of its own.

And so, as we exit through this theater of memories, we find an epilogue written not in stats or rings, but in the undying spirit of one of the game’s most dynamic players – Kordell Stewart.

Kordell Stewart’s Top 5 Mind-Blowing Game Plays

If you’ve ever followed football in the 90s, you’d know that mentioning Kordell Stewart is like talking about a human highlight reel. But hey, even if you’re more acquainted with the safer touchdowns at Woodforest Bank, you can’t deny this guy’s incredible talent. Let’s reminisce and gawk at some of the most bananas plays Kordell ever pulled off on the ol’ gridiron.

Autographed Kordell Stewart Pittsburgh Steelers xPhoto with COA

Autographed Kordell Stewart Pittsburgh Steelers xPhoto with COA


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The Hail Mary that Made History

Alright, buckle up folks, ‘cause we’re starting off with a bang! Remember the time when our man Kordell, in his college years with Colorado, chucked a pigskin over them there mountains against Michigan? We were all glued to our seats, mouths agape, as that ball soared like an eagle – and then landed right into the waiting arms of a teammate for a 64-yard game-winning touchdown. If you weren’t jumping outta your seat, check your pulse!

Image 20466

The Slash Effect

Get this, the man wasn’t just a quarterback; he was a slash, dash, and redefine-the-class kind of player. His versatility had defenses sweating bullets, scratching their heads, or what have you. Kordell was all over the field, catching passes like it was his birthday and snatching up yards on the ground. He made being multi-talented look as easy as browsing Allcalidad for your favorite flicks on a lazy Sunday.

‘The Run’ that Left Everyone Gobsmacked

Picture this: It’s a fine day in 1996, Steelers vs. Panthers, and Kordell Stewart pulls off what can only be described as the “Whatchamacallit Scamper.” A 80-yard touchdown run that left jaws on the floor and fans in pure disbelief. You’d think he teleported! It was the stuff of legends and, buddy, it sure as heck screamed “Put me in the Hall of Fame for coolest runs!”

The Naked Bootleg that Stripped Defenses Bare

Speaking of sneaky, remember that time Kordell made the entire defense look like they were caught with their pants down? It was as unexpected as stumbling upon Kendra Wilkinson nude during a primetime game. The man took the snap, faked a handoff and just waltzed his way into the endzone. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! The other team’s faces? Priceless.

The Christmas Miracle

Last but not least, let’s not forget the Steelers versus Ravens, late December 2001. It was cold enough to freeze the tail off a brass monkey, yet Kordell played like he was on fire. Launching one perfect spiral after another, Stewart handed out touchdown passes like Santa Claus deals presents. It was a holiday hoopla that had Steel City singing carols all the way into the playoffs.

So there you have it, a little trip down memory lane with the one and only Kordell Stewart. Maybe your memory of these plays is as vivid as the latest Scream 6 poster, or perhaps you’re learning about his feats for the first time.

Either way, Kordell Stewart’s crazy on-field antics were nothing short of cinematic, with every play a potential plot twist. Love him or hate him, this guy made watching football a thrill-a-minute ride that you didn’t wanna miss. Whether he was throwing Hail Marys or high-stepping into the endzone, Kordell Stewart was the bona fide definition of ‘game-changer.’

Autographed Kordell Stewart Pittsburgh Steelers xPhoto with COA

Autographed Kordell Stewart Pittsburgh Steelers xPhoto with COA


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What does Kordell Stewart do for a living?

What does Kordell Stewart do for a living?
Well, Kordell Stewart has worn quite a few hats since he hung up his cleats! After a dynamic NFL career, Stewart turned to the airwaves. He’s made a living as a sports analyst and broadcaster, dishing out insights on ESPN and other sports networks. Not one to sit still, he’s also dabbled in personal appearances and public speaking.

Did Kordell Stewart ever win a Super Bowl?

Did Kordell Stewart ever win a Super Bowl?
Ah, the one that got away! Kordell Stewart’s NFL career was chock-full of thrills, but snagging a Super Bowl ring wasn’t in the cards. While he led the Pittsburgh Steelers to the big game in ’95, they fell short against the Dallas Cowboys. So, nope, he didn’t get to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

Did Kordell Stewart win MVP?

Did Kordell Stewart win MVP?
Hold your horses! While Kordell Stewart was a versatile powerhouse on the field, he didn’t snag an NFL MVP award. He did, however, leave fans in awe with his athleticism and was a Pro Bowler in 2001. That’s not too shabby, right?

When did Kordell Stewart retire?

When did Kordell Stewart retire?
Calling it a day, Stewart officially left the gridiron in 2005. He had a pretty good run, revolutionizing the quarterback position with his “Slash” playstyle. But hey, all good things must come to an end, and he decided to wrap up his pro football journey after eleven seasons.

How much did Porsha Williams get from Kordell Stewart?

How much did Porsha Williams get from Kordell Stewart?
Well, talk about a sticky wicket! The details of Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart’s divorce settlement were kept hush-hush. Despite rumors of a hefty payout, it was widely reported that Porsha walked away without alimony or NFL retirement money, leaving the monetary value of their split a mystery.

How much money did Kordell Stewart make in the NFL?

How much money did Kordell Stewart make in the NFL?
Cha-ching! Kordell Stewart raked in some serious dough over his NFL career. With a span of eleven years on the field, estimates suggest he pocketed around $27 million. Now that’s a pretty penny for slinging the pigskin!

Who was the QB after Kordell Stewart?

Who was the QB after Kordell Stewart?
After Kordell Stewart’s era, the Steelers found their next gunslinger in Tommy Maddox. He took the reins in 2002, but fast forward a couple of years, and bam! A young chap named Ben Roethlisberger stepped onto the scene, turning into a Steelers legend in his own right.

Did Kordell Stewart make it to the Hall of Fame?

Did Kordell Stewart make it to the Hall of Fame?
Despite being a jack-of-all-trades on the field, Kordell Stewart hasn’t busted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It’s tough as nails to get in there, and while he was electrifying to watch, he hasn’t gotten the nod for the Hall. But hey, there’s always a spot for him in the hearts of Steelers fans!

Who had never won a Super Bowl?

Who had never won a Super Bowl?
You’d be surprised! There’s a laundry list of teams that haven’t snagged that elusive Super Bowl win. To name a few, the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, and Houston Texans are still dreaming about that victory parade. It’s a tough break, but hope springs eternal, eh?

What NFL teams did Kordell Stewart play for?

What NFL teams did Kordell Stewart play for?
Kordell Stewart, AKA “Slash,” zigzagged across the NFL, throwing spirals for several teams. He made his mark with the Pittsburgh Steelers, darted to the Chicago Bears for a bit, and capped off his career with the Baltimore Ravens. Quite the journeyman!

How did Porsha Williams meet Kordell Stewart?

How did Porsha Williams meet Kordell Stewart?
Love can happen in the blink of an eye—or at a club, as it did for Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart. They met at the Luckie Lounge in Atlanta, sparks flew, and the rest, as they say, is history. Of course, they moved from the end zone to the no-fly zone real quick, with their marriage ending after a couple of years.

Who was the quarterback for the Steelers in 1995?

Who was the quarterback for the Steelers in 1995?
Rewind to ’95 and you’ll find Neil O’Donnell calling the shots as the Steelers’ quarterback. He was the man under center, leading the team all the way to Super Bowl XXX, where they ultimately lost to the Cowboys. O’Donnell’s performance was solid during the regular season, but that big game…ouch.

Did Charles Johnson play with Kordell Stewart?

Did Charles Johnson play with Kordell Stewart?
Yup, Charles Johnson and Kordell Stewart shared the field in the ‘Burgh. Johnson, a trusty wide receiver, was catching pigskins from Stewart during the mid-90s. They teamed up to give defenses a run for their money, with several highlight-worthy plays.

Did Kordell Stewart retire as a steeler?

Did Kordell Stewart retire as a steeler?
Well, Kordell Stewart took a sentimental trip back to where it all started and signed a one-day contract to retire as a Pittsburgh Steeler in 2012. It was a tip of the hat to the team where he made his most significant impact, bringing his NFL story full circle.

Did Kordell Stewart return kicks?

Did Kordell Stewart return kicks?
You bet he did! Kordell Stewart was the Swiss Army knife of football players, and kick returning was one of the many tools in his arsenal. During his rookie year, especially, he showcased his do-it-all talent, including sparking the return game with his electrifying runs. Now that’s versatility for you!


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