Bounce TV Schedule: 7 Crazy Secrets You Need to Know!

Bouncing back into History

Once upon a cinematic time, our beloved Bounce TV channel had a different roommate. After the Scripps’ acquisition of Ion Media on January 7, 2021, Scripps decided to rearrange the living conditions. Although Bounce TV had initially signed a deal with Univision, things took a sharp turn. Scripps wound down the Univision bond, and our champ Bounce TV was moved off those channels to Ion Media stations at the onset of March. Mind you, there were exceptions! In markets where Scripps or Ion don’t operate, Bounce TV still swings on a Univision station.

Woefully, the transition wasn’t as smooth as a Tarantino shot sequence. Nevertheless, the audience connected with Bounce TV’s new roomies quite effectively. The journey of Bounce has been nothing short of a Hollywood blockbuster.

The mantra, however, remained the same throughout the transition. Keep delivering top-notch content and the viewers will bounce right back to you!

A Splash of Bounce TV on Your Screens

Are you wondering how to tune into the enigmatic world of Bounce TV? Here’s your cheat sheet! You can catch Bounce TV on several platforms including Showtime, Vudu, fuboTV, and Paramount+. Google Play also lets you step into the heartbeat of Bounce TV by offering renting or purchasing options. If you’re more of an exclusive person, there’s a special corner for you too. Get on Tubi and enjoy Bounce XL – Free Live TV.

The Bounce TV schedule is quite a grand mix, an intriguing coalescence of shows and movies from various genres and periods. Even “Chris Perfetti” played a heartwarming role, revolutionizing the landscape of the goggle-box.

Bounce TV’s freedom of exploration is as limitless as a Roger Ebert critique. The thrill of the unexpected has always been a constant hook for the audience, keeping them tied to the screens.

Remember watching the epic “for her” movie? That tale of love and passion caught us off guard and made us reach for the tissues. Features like these ensure we regulars stick to the Bounce tv schedule like glue, impatient for the next cinematic surprise.


Decoding the Bounce TV Schedule

Can’t seem to figure out the Bounce TV schedule? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Ranging from family flicks to nerve-wracking thrillers, all gems in the film industry find a haven in Bounce’s repertoire.

The Bounce TV and Grit TV schedules seldom overlap, ensuring a carnival of entertainment round the clock (Grit TV Schedule). Considering that the Grit TV schedule majorly favors the Western genre, you might discover a startling contrast while switching between the two.

Ever pondered how much time you have till your favorite show airs? Well, it’s as easy as counting “21 days from today” and voila, you shall receive your fill of tantalizing TV content (

But wait…there’s more

Another critical detour in the Bounce TV schedule brings us to the insane world of supernatural films. The intriguing narrative of “Cryptid” is a shining example. It’s a spine-chilling addition to the pantheon of Bounce TV’s creepy content.

The Bounce TV lineup is not just about the new. It also pays homage to the classics. Remember the visit down nostalgia lane with the spectacular “Goonies cast”? Bounce TV ensured we got our fair share of 80s nostalgia.

Life always comes full circle. Speaking of circles, let’s not forget “Madison Mogen”. Her enchanting performance on Bounce took us straight to the moon.



And the Bouncing Continues…

In conclusion, the Bounce TV schedule has something for everyone, keeping us glued to our screens. Whether it’s old classics that stir nostalgia or new-age films with their avant-garde narratives, Bounce TV never misses a beat. Always remember, the true treasure isn’t the destination but the journey. And when it comes to Bounce’s journey, it’s one you wouldn’t want to miss. So, brace yourself as we plunge headfirst into the cinematic glory that is Bounce TV. It’s time to Bounce!


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